What is DAMANTIS®?

DAMANTIS® was created to make investing understandable and easily accessible for everyone, and to provide analytical models that simplify the selection of your investments.

Mitte 2024

DAMANTIS® App is available

Designed as a web app, DAMANTIS® is intended to support you in making suitable investment decisions. With our Momentum Screener, you always keep an overview of securities that show positive dynamics and are therefore worth a closer examination.


Edition of a commodity real money account

Edition of a commodity-based real money portfolio adapted to inflationary developments with a focus on gold and silver mines.

Februar 2022

Optimierung der KI-Strategie

Refinement of AI strategy 'Damantis Analytics' and creation of a real-money account.


Edition of AI-based Strategy

Edition of an AI-based and self-learning strategy. Sample portfolio tests with an AI trading strategy on the S&P500, gold, silver, and oil.


Research on the use of AI in market analysis

Start of experiments to evaluate the efficiency of artificial intelligence in market analysis and price forecasting.


Tailored strategies for corporate clients

Launch for customized strategies for corporate clients.


Tailored strategies for private investors.

After two years of development, the first product, the Damantis Suite, was launched on the market. Damantis was thus one of the first Fintech companies on the market.



Damantis was founded with the idea of making investing understandable and easy for everyone and providing the analytical models that work.